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Digital transformation to higher turnover

What if your clients dealt with their enquiries online, from the comfort of their own home and you would save hours processing them? What if it were enough to fill in a form in an application rather than go to a branch?

Using Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), we will digitalise your services,  synchronise them with the ERP or the CRM system - and help you acquire more enquiries using the automation of marketing.

From doing paperwork to the omni-channel

By digitalising customer support, handling documents and opening accounts, your clients will save time getting to the branch and waiting in queues. Everything can be arranged by several clicks.

By synchronising services with applications and marketing channels, you will increase customer satisfaction. For example, unified communication asks clients to complete their registration or use discounts via the social network, by e-mail – or any other channel.

With Sitecore XP, you will get an overview of every customer's preferences. You will find out how much time the client spends on your website, which pages the client visits – and a lot of other information, based on which you can put together the client's behavioural profile. This profile can be used to better target your enquiry and increase conversions.

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Integration with your ERP device

The Sitecore Experience Platform is compatible with any ERP application – including SAP systems, Helios, K2, Microsoft Navision or Microsoft Dynamics 365. By synchronising it with Sitecore XP, you will be able to automate the majority of your customers' activities. Your employees will have more time to deal with more important activities. Computer technology will for example, set up meetings at the branch or verify the status of warehouse supplies, so that your employees can save time on these activities.

Personalisation towards excellent results

Sitecore XP analyzes the behaviour of visitors and automatically ranks them into pre-defined groups. For individual segments, the instrument then custom modifies the web content and provides the information they are looking for; for example, it offers the goods they are looking for or an instructions' manual for opening an online account. 

Give every user personalised content – for example, a discount on the goods in the basket they left behind – and watch how your conversions grow by tens of percent.

A solution that works

We are certain that Sitecore XP will improve your business results. Set up a meeting. We will gladly present the instrument to you in action – directly in your company.

We will look at the potential of digitalising your services, conduct an audit of digital activities and tell you how much time you will save by the transformations.


Are you interested in our solution realized by Sitecore or OpenText technology?

If you want to know more about the services offered or some of our realizations, do not hesitate to contact us.

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