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Privacy Policy

Declaration about Personal Data Processing

Dear citizens,

We hereby declare that we follow Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, dated 27 April 2016, the general Regulation about Personal Data Protection (GDPR),  when processing your personal data.

  1. We are the Processor and Controller of personal data:
    Internet Projekt, s.r.o., Praha 2 - Nové Město, Vyšehradská 1376/43, Postal Code 12800, Business ID No.: 08526541
  2. GDPR is ensured by an authorized party:
    MANages, a.s., Prague 9, Stoupající 785/12, 190 00, Business ID No.: 28517199
  3. The purposes of processing personal data are always based on the legislation:
    Processing is essential:
    • in order to meet the legal obligations for doing business in the Czech Republic and the EU
    • in order to meet the contracts concluded with you.
    • for the purposes of our justifiable interests in order to meet the legal obligations or contracts.
    • in order to protect the your vital interests or the vital interests of other natural persons,
    • in order to meet the tasks performed in the interests of the public.
    In some cases, you have granted us consent to processing your personal data.
  4. We respect your rights:
    • the right to acquire access to and a copy of your personal data,
    • the right to correct or add inaccurate personal data, possibly the right to data portability,
    • the right to delete your personal data once they are no longer needed for legal purposes,
    • the right to object and file a complaint against our processing, including the restriction of processing,
    • the right to easily revoke your consent at any time.
    We do not give your personal data to anyone else, unless there is a legal obligation to do so, for the purposes of fraud prevention or in the best interests of the public, we inform you about all facts, changes, amendments, threats and measures taken.
  5. We apply the following processing policies:
    We follow the Rules for Correctly Processing Personal Data on a daily basis:
    • legality, correctness, transparency
    • intentional restriction and accuracy,
    • minimization of data and storage restrictions,
    • integrity and confidentiality,
    • we are responsible for GDPR compliance.
  6. We follow a security system:
    In order to protect your rights and freedoms, we take the proper technical and organizational measures: Your personal data is only processed by authorized employees and processors, who are obliged to maintain confidentiality. Your personal data is encrypted and access to it is secured by passwords and codes. We continuously ensure confidentiality, integrity, accessibility and resilience of the systems.
    We assess risks, tes
    t, evaluate and take corrective measures in order to prevent unauthorized processing, which could cause you tangible or intangible damage, 
  7. Detailed confirmations, information and records are available.