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In 2017, the pharmaceutical group, Zentiva asked us to migrate the web portal for the German market. Thanks to the close cooperation with the customer's German and Czech teams, we ended up creating a new portal using the Sitecore XP platform instead of migrating it. We helped the company meet the legal regulations and simply navigation in their product catalogue.

Technologies and services provided

  • Sitecore XP
  • .NET development
  • Content migration
  • Long-term service

Integration of the German DocCheck platform

Using Sitecore XP, we have implemented the possibility to separate specialized information for healthcare professionals from the general information for laymen into the new portal - the German legislation requires a thorough segregation. The specialized content can only be viewed by registered users. Verification of the identity of physicians, pharmacists and other professionals takes place via the integrated signing in using the DocCheck profession social network.

Zentiva DocCheck integrace

Product Catalogue

Editors and customer service use the CMS that was created based on Zentiva's requirements to manage the product catalogue. Healthcare professionals and business partners find products in the product catalogue based on the product's name, the product's active agents and other features. The portal also provides the possibility to change the product documentation (ex. information pamphlets) and photographs (so called pack shots).

Zentiva DE Product Catalog

What the portal looks like

We took the graphic design and templates from the existing solution and put it on the new Sitecore XP instance.

Zentiva web