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It took us only five months to create a new website for Sberbank CZ using the Sitecore 9 platform. The website contains information about Sberbank CZ and the products that it offers. Thanks to the integration of the bank’s internal system and daily updates to the exchange rate sheet and list of branches with up-to-date information to each and every one of them.

Technologies and services provided

  • Sitecore XP
  • ERP Integration
  • Front-end development
  • .NET development
  • Content migration
  • Long-term service

Possibility to Manage Every Small Detail of the Content

Sberbank CZ provided the website’s new design. It now contains many different visual elements. We have implemented all of these elements into components using Sitecore, thereby allowing the web editors to edit practically any visible content in Sitecore, from banners and simple paragraph text to complex structures, like product comparison tables, loan and savings calculators and forms.

Daily Updates of FX rates

The FX rates are an important part of the website.  They have to be updated from the bank’s internal system on a daily basis. The history of FX rates is archived in Sitecore. Visitors of the website can view several years of history at any time.

Always Up-to-Date Information from the Branches

Sberbank CZ has over forty branches, mortgage and company centres in the Czech Republic. The detailed information about all the branches is updated from the bank’s internal system on a daily basis. Visitors of the website can find out whether a specific branch’s contact information has been updated or whether a branch is temporarily closed due to renovations.

The Website’s Visualization

The graphics were designed by the bank’s internal team and we took care of encoding this into the website.