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Linet Group

We created an extranet web application for Linet Group, into which we integrated data from the K2 and SAP ERP systems. The bi-lingual application serves the global network of Linet Group partners. Here, they for example have access to detailed technical documentation of all products.

Technologies and services provided

  • Sitecore XP
  • ERP Integration
  • .NET development
  • Front-end development
  • UX and design
  • Long-term service

Extranet with data integration

We integrated the information from K2 and SAP into the extranet using the Sitecore XP platform. The service technicians can find technical documentation of specific products even while they are out in the field. Thanks to synchronizing the product catalogue with the ERP system, the employees have updated information available. In addition, it is possible to order spare parts or file product claims using this application.

Linet Extranet Integration

Effective newsletter management

Sending out emails plays an integral role in Linet Group's marketing strategy. We have helped marketing employees using the Email Experience Manager tool from Sitecore and we have created a system to help them create and send newsletters easily, segment contacts and manage the database. The employees can find the newsletters in the archive and thanks to the detailed statistics, they are able to plan other campaigns more effectively.
Linet Extranet  Sitecore Email Experience Manager

The company's information channel

The company's information channel On the extranet, employees can also find information regarding the organization, a database of their colleagues contact information and the company calendar. It also includes a module for e-learning and distance training courses.
Linet Extranet Corporate Communications

What the portal looks like

We designed the extranet from scratch, so including the UX design and graphics.

Linet Extranet Web

Are you interested in our solution realized by Sitecore or OpenText technology?

If you want to know more about the services offered or some of our realizations, do not hesitate to contact us.

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