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Prepis energii

The energy transcription web application that was created using the Sitecore platform simplifies the signing in and signing out of energy consumption. Once this application was run, the number of new leads increased by 40% and the number of completed transcriptions increased by 28%. By implementing marketing automation and personalization, the number of completed transcriptions increased by another 12%.

Technologies and services provided

  • Sitecore XP
  • IT Architecture
  • ERP Integration
  • UX and design
  • Front-end development
  • .NET development

Application with data integration

The online verification of the customers' data from the SAP ERP software is an important part of the application. Directly linking the web application to the ARES service for company's corporate customers simplifies the process of filling in forms. The application is able to schedule appointments for a specific time and interconnect it with call system at the branches.

innogy Prepis energii web integration ARES

Marketing automation

Although the signing in / signing out process of the energy services is simplified, innogy uses marketing automation to complete the process smoothly. This is possible using the native marketing functionality of the Sitecore XP platform that we have implemented into the application.

Thanks to using automated scenarios, the success rate of completing the signing in / signing out process is continuously increasing.

Marketing Automation

Awards received

The innogy web application also caught the attention of Sitecore. In 2016, we received an award for its development at the Sitecore Experience Awards competition in the Contextual intelligence: Digital innovation category.

SEA 2016 Award

Introduction Page

The Energy Transcription web application also serves as a new acquisition channel.

innogy Prepis energii web

Are you interested in our solution realized by Sitecore or OpenText technology?

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