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#keepintouch microsite

Hempel is a Danish company that manufactures and sells industrial coatings worldwide. In order to prepare for GDPR, they asked us to create a micro-site that would help them expand the database of verified and legally acquired contact information for marketing campaigns.

Technologies and services provided

  • UX and design
  • Sitecore XP
  • .NET development
  • Front-end development
  • Long-term service

Trouble-free integration

The Czech branch of the multi-national company, Hempel, addressed us with the information micro-site project. This project made it possible to register to receive marketing information. Since it was necessary to run the micro-site that we created in an already running Sitecore instance, where the Hempel corporate web is located, it was necessary to coordinate the procedure with the Danish supplier and thereby minimize the risk of technological conflict between the projects. We were able to successfully develop and implement a micro-site into a "foreign" environment within one month.
#keepintouch microsite

19 languages

The reactivation and acquiring new contacts campaign was really extensive and it was necessary to prepare the micro-site in nineteen languages. Since the Sitecore XP platform is generally prepared for multi-lingual projects, it was only a matter of days. The web, the confirmation emails that are sent to the customers after registration and the confirmation of the email addresses, are localized.
#keepintouch microsite

The graphic design of the micro-site

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