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Company Website

We have created new corporate web pages and microsites for GasNet, the largest distributor of natural gas in the Czech Republic. These web pages and microsites are in line with modern trends and more importantly, they clearly present information for different groups of users.

Technologies and services provided

  • Sitecore XP
  • .NET development
  • Front-end development
  • Long-term service
  • Content migration

Quick Navigation to Problem Solving

The user goes to the website with a request and oftentimes neither knows the correct terminology nor the area of interest. The user can simply search or filter information in the “Need to Arrange” or “Inquiries and Contracts” sections until he finds the necessary information that frequently pops up at individual steps. The proposed layout of the information and sitemaps were some of the key points of the project. 
Gasnet Website

A Website for a Specific Group of Users

Various users go to the website for various reasons, like for example, builders or developers, technical workers, who are interested in distribution units, end customers of gas, partners in construction or journalists. It’s easy for everyone to access the required information, which is simply and clearly presented, using procedures.
Gasnet Website

Apps, Websites, Forms

There are several apps on the website, primarily related to the distribution of gas and other technical parameters. The presentation is closely linked to online gas distribution website for suppliers and to the distribution system operator website for large gas customers. We will also modernize these websites in the near future.
Gasnet Website

The customer provided a graphic design of the website as part of the project.

Gasnet Website

Are you interested in our solution realized by Sitecore or OpenText technology?

If you want to know more about the services offered or some of our realizations, do not hesitate to contact us.

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