Sitecore XP

Sitecore XP

Sitecore XP

Sitecore XP

Thousands of public and private organizations, such as Microsoft, Siemens or Toshiba, including government institutions, use the professional Sitecore solution for their web pages.

Thanks to Internet Projekt, companies from the Czech Republic and Slovakia can now join this club.

Sitecore is truly one of the leading global providers of content management products (CMS, WCMS, ECMS), portal software and marketing tools specializing in medium-sized and large organizations.

The award-winning Sitecore Web Content Management System (CMS) is at the cutting edge for complete management of all kinds of web presentations, be it simple web pages or extensive intranets and portals.

With its help, you can create, develop and manage dynamic, fully-functional web pages and integrate them with other company applications. Everyone can handle editing thanks to the user-friendly tools and highly intuitive control.

Sitecore is:

  • Support of extensive multi-project environments (multi-site) and content sharing
  • Close integration with Microsoft Office applications
  • A fully quantifiable solution, cluster installation support
  • Wide possibilities of integration with external systems
  • Support of any visual equipment (mobile phone, PDA, tablet etc.)
  • Strict separation of the content from the form
  • Modular system architecture
  • Content architecture based on XML
  • Content caching and performance optimization tools
  • Widely configurable workflow
  • Many security tools based on the architecture of .NET Security Provider

The software provides an ordinary user with a simplified interface that allows natural movement through the website and easy execution of editorial changes. An advanced user has the opportunity to take a more active role during web administration concerning, for instance, workflow control, metadata management, page redesign or interference with the publishing rights. Sitecore CMS is composed to allow companies to create robust web presentations that are both safe and highly modular.

It is designed with the aim to fully automate processes, to simplify and make communication with the website end user more effective and to allow companies to accomplish the desired business objectives faster. In practice this means that you can create and manage your web presentation with regard to the current status of your business or to the momentary demand from customers and you can instantly adjust the website content with the use of unique marketing tools on the basis of the user profile and behaviour.

Sitecore is one step ahead thanks to the revolutionary, yet simple technology: it is not called the “spirit of the future” in vain.

The incorporation of such a prestigious name in our product portfolio strengthens the position of Internet Projekt as a specialist in cutting-edge content management tools. Sitecore is the second platform after our Enterprise products, OpenText / RedDot, for which we have the widest development background available and the ability to provide our client with a truly professional support.