SEO & Internet marketing

SEO & Internet marketing

SEO & Internet Marketing

SEO & Internet marketing

We do not have the patent on reason but there is one thing we know – how to get you to the top positions in search engines and bring your services to prospective customers under their very noses.

In addition to SEO optimization we will readily inform you of other online marketing disciplines. We have long-term experience and time-tested iMarketing procedures that really work. If you are asking yourself whether or not it is possible to significantly influence the visit rate of your website and increase its business success, we have a simple answer. It is possible. You only have to know where to aim and how to address prospective clients, analyze their behaviour and adapt your Internet presentation to what they are looking for. And we can help you with that. 


SEO optimization. We will provide SEO optimization in the highest quality so that your web presentation gets the best possible position in search results in free Internet browsers, such as Google, Bing or Seznam.

Not only do we deal with on-page factors, but also with off-page factors; we will check the status of link building of your website and try to maximally increase its quality (page rank) as well as relevance.

As for the on-page factors, we will execute a detailed analysis of your present key words and density of their arrangement and recommend more suitable and effective terms or phrases as needed.

We will properly define the key words so that Internet users will see what they are looking for and it will motivate them to click on the link to your website. We will also analyze your presentation in detail from the aspect of search engine optimization so that we can find any weak spots preventing the placement of your presentation in the top positions in fulltext search.

We will remove any deficiencies found in the navigation structure, URL address or source code. To make the SEO optimization truly 100% successful, we recommend analyzing your business competition in the same way. The improvement in the quality of indexing and facilitation of the access to your website will not only provide higher visit rate, but also bring new prospective customers and multiply the demand for your products or services.

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iMarketing. In addition to well-executed SEO optimization, it is also important to choose the right marketing strategy. In the time of economic instability and growing advertising costs, affordable online marketing becomes an ideal means for company promotion. Moreover, the possibility to precisely aim at the prospective target group ensures high effectiveness of campaigns

We will execute a detailed analysis of the efficiency of your present Internet advertising and advise you on what communication channels to focus and which ones you should abandon because of bad results. If you want to try a really cheap, effective, precisely directed and flexible form of promoting your website, we will design a solution in the form of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns.

We will arrange the optimization of your website for search engines, analyze the accuracy of the selected key words and execute link building, which is the process of creating inbound links to one’s own website through partners and registration in Internet catalogues. Banners, advertising bars, emailing, viral marketing… we know what instruments to select so that you can maximally utilize the potential of the Internet and your company thus acquires a competitive advantage, in addition to winning new customers.

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Key benefits of SEO optimization:

  • Improvement in the quality of access to your website with a high level of conversion
  • Reaching a high potential of the visit rate of your presentation
  • Improvement in the feedback from the target client
  • Decrease in the costs of winning customers
  • Guarantee of high rate of return thanks to the increase in the profits from the sale
  • Building a better position and spreading awareness of the brand
  • Increase in the competitiveness of the company

Why iMarketing:

  • Easy identification of prospective customers
  • Direct addressing of the selected target group
  • Advantage of interactive communication and feedback from the client
  • Easy measurability of the Internet advertising efficiency
  • Possibility to quickly modify strategy according to online results
  • Low costs as against other forms of media promotion
  • Addressing a large number of users thanks to the growing popularity of the Internet