OpenText Web Site Management


Internationally-tested quality, original interface, top technologies and unique approaches to solving the issue of content management is what OpenText Web Site Management is about (formerly known as RedDot CMS)...

....a product by OpenText, a Canadian company, a world leader in the segment of Enterprise Content Management.

It is no secret that we truly like OpenText as one of the most robust and versatile publishing platforms. It is no wonder. The famous brand has been actively involved in the evolution of the Internet from the very beginning – under the original name of RedDot Solutions, it has earned the nickname of “Content Expert” thanks to its successful RedDot CMS product in the field of Web Content Management.

In 2008, the company rebranded the famous RedDot to OpenText literally over night. However, it had no impact on the fact that this brand is, has been and will be considered the global market leader by experts. Also, supported by the fact that it still continues to bring new revolutionary concepts to efficiently connect people in global organizations.

The philosophy of the brand is simple – “Access to information defines success or failure in business”. If you feel that your company needs a uniform solution to the growing demands in the field of Content Management in order to manage and provide the large volume of company information in an intelligent and professional way, you are at the right place.

OpenText Web Solutions will let you simply create, manage and publish content from one place regardless of whether you are an experienced editor or complete beginner. When needed, we will optimize the process of posting information to the web, mobile or other media channels. This unique solution offers a range of user-friendly modules that allows the client completely flexible applications according to their individual and momentary need. Naturally, you have the possibility to immediately purchase new functions whenever your business demands them.

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The innovative solutions from OpenText aim to keep up with the continuously developing applications for the web, intranet, Internet and global Multi-Sites. But the brand also brings new unique solutions from the wide portfolio of SAP®, Microsoft® and OpenText®, such as Content Server, eDocs or Media Management (Artesia).

OpenText represents a dynamic change in the field of web content embraced by customers thanks to the controlled access and integration of content from different sources.

OpenText is the number one software in its field and we also want to be number one. We are historically the first RedDot/OpenText partner in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including the highest regional status of “Advanced Partner”.

We are number on in the sale of licences and implementation of this platform in the Czech Republic. We have the widest resources for implementing RedDot and a team of trained professionals in the Czech Republic... and we could go on and on.

But we would like to convince you of our qualities in practice. Just remember that we are the best choice when it comes to the implementation of OpenText!

OpenText advantages:

  • Possibility to manage and operate an unlimited number of projects
  • Unique, fully visual (WYSYWIG) editorial labour-saving interface
  • Complete localization into Czech, other language versions
  • System of user roles and authorizations including the option of individual setting
  • Workflow designer – visual  approval and publishing process modelling
  • Efficient mechanism separating the preparation process and content management from its publishing
  • Possibility to present content into any form appearance
  • SmartEdit Technology (intuitive user environment for content editing)
  • Highly efficient content indexing, fulltext search
  • Support of any web server
  • Integration with the MS Office environment
  • High modularity level
  • Fast implementation process without the need for programming
  • SmartTree (simple user environment for managing individual projects)
  • Efficient link management
  • Administrative editorial templates, elaborate work with templates
  • Administrative tools for publishing static and dynamic pages
  • Version management – content versioning and backup
  • Certified integration with SAP, IBM, Oracle, Sybase, Hummingbird and other portals
  • Step-by-step migration of existing projects
  • Integration of the existing code (e.g. HTML, ASP, ASPx, JSP, PHP)
  • Exports into a large number of formats (WML, XML, SGML, etc.)
  • Possibility to check users in NT domain, Active Directory or LDAP server