Enterprise and Web CMS

Enterprise and Web CMS

Enterprise and Web CMS

Enterprise and Web CMS

Enterprise Content Management Systems and Content Management Systems – we know how to make them. We are one of the best.

We specialize in publishing or editorial systems for the administration of dynamic web content. We will easily implement this unique solution and allow you to simply create and manage your web presentation at a professional level.


We believe that only a living project is a successful project. In the language of the Internet, this means high-quality, relevant and continuously updated content.

Every client of our company can easily manage publishing activities and the administration of Internet presentations with the use of modern tools, even without the knowledge of Internet technologies or programming languages. We will readily assist you in this matter.

With regard to our professional focus on the area of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and WCM (Web Content Management), you will definitely be in the best hands.

As the Advanced Partner of RedDot / OpenText, a Canadian company, and a certified partner of Sitecore, a well-known Danish company, we will recommend, deliver and provide a professional implementation of one of the prime quality publishing solutions of these top two ECMS leaders based on our rich experience so that it covers your needs most efficiently with regard to your possibilities and technical skills.

ECMS are web solutions suitable for:

  • Company presentations and corporate communication projects
  • Portals, intranets and extranets with high demands for accessibility
  • Extremely loaded presentation solutions of all kinds
  • E-Commerce (e-shops, auctions, B2C, B2B)
  • Global multi-language projects and content forms
  • Multi-project environment with a large number of editors
  • Environment with high demands for the comfort of user interface

What you need to know about ECMS:

  • It can integrate data from several systems and apply them to business processes
  • It allows a uniform administration of any type of data and information
  • It offers plenty of functions (from imaging, data administration, workflow to archiving)
  • It can be integrated with company intranets, ERP and groupware systems
  • It opens new possibilities for simple web publishing
  • It transparently records data, allows their versioning, sharing etc.
  • It offers fulltext, context and parametric search
  • It provides high security from the access rights to watermarking
  • It allows achieving a high level of labour automation
  • It contributes to time efficiency through process automation and thus to the improvements in the relationships with clients



Open to Your Needs

OpenTextInternationally-tested quality, original interface, top technologies and unique approaches to solving the issue of content management is what OpenText Web Site Management is about (formerly known as RedDot CMS); a product by OpenText, a Canadian company and a world leader in the segment of Enterprise Content Management.

Core of the Success of Your Web Presentation

Thousands of public and private organizations, such as Microsoft, Siemens or Toshiba, including government institutions, use the professional Sitecore solution for their web pages. Thanks to Internet Projekt, companies from the Czech Republic and Slovakia can now join this club.

Efficient Compromise

We recommend this modern publishing system from our own workshop based on the .NET and MS-SQL technologies to clients who are looking for a standard among affordable, but high-quality and function-abundant editing and publishing middle-class systems.